Some links #1

Inspired by the way Ben Terrett does it I decided to collect links on my blog, what’s the point of having a blog if I don’t use it eh?

1. Inner city cricket

I enjoyed the Guardian’s series of short films on inner city cricket. The general vibe seems to be that clubs are finding it harder to get players, but the films knitted together some interesting themes on how class, race, geography and other factors play a role. Stand out bit was the discussion of whether South Asian coaches would make a difference to South Asian players coming through to the county game.

2. Seinfeld fashion

The fashion conscious amongst us might recognise that what men are wearing at the moment is all about Seinfeld.

3. Microsoft dev design team ad

Love this job ad for the Microsoft dev tool design team.

4. Bad technology

Don Norman, who wrote The Design of Everyday Things wrote about how we have sleepwalked into a technology centric world, rather than a people centric world. The result is that bad technology dominates our lives, we end up having to act like machines and suppress our positive human traits. Some of the examples in here were totally on point.

5. Django Jane

I’m listening to this Janelle Monáe song a lot recently.

That seems like a reasonable start.