Some links #6

I haven’t done links in a while and I have a lot saved up so I’m going to do them in the style of Ann Friedmann and let you know some of what I’ve been reading about.

The New York Times mapped every building in America. Children of immigrants are taking over their family restaurants and it is hard, and sometimes exciting. By answering some questions you can choose a better decision making strategy for the type of decision you are making. How do we know when something is done? Barry Jenkins talks film-making with Roy Williams and Greta Gerwig (podcast). Jessie Frazelle, one of the outstanding software engineers of her generation, tries out some other jobs. If you didn’t know about Doing Presentations—the guide to effective presentations—well now you do and it’s got better. Good tips on making your writing sample stand out when you apply to an MFA degree. Critical reviews of fonts. How machine learning language analysis marks out African American Vernacular language as toxic. What employees say leaders should do to build trust. What a sauce man is and why we should all be looking to be with one. How USA Gymnastics is still struggling to come to terms with the Larry Nasser scandal. Three professionals playing a hundred kids at football (video). Listening to rap from a bunch of different countries.

That was fun. Maybe I’ll do it that way again.