Why I like Miranda July

Miranda July is one of my favourite writers. Her writing is invariably funny and disarming– she writes with a light touch as if her purpose is to do nothing more than give you a little peek into her way of living.

The main reason I like her though is not due to her style but her subject matter. Her stories are vignettes on a way of living which takes the world as vibrant, unusual and a little scary. For those of us like me, whose life sits firmly on the pedestrian scale of things the stories are glimpses of the edges–which makes this conventional bod happy that someone is out there pushing at the boundaries of our normality and reporting back on just how amusing, marvelous, and terrifying it might be.

Here’s a recent New Yorker piece of hers that inspired this comment “Sticky Fingers” and of course, her brilliant collection of short stories, No one belongs here more than you.